Saturday 6 August 2016

NSW State Championships - 13 & 14 Years

Intermediate Boys 13 Years Championship
Cannon Family Shield donated by Donna Reilly-Cannon ADCRG

1st 2 Liam Costello Creer
2nd 1 Andy Carter Carroll

Intermediate Girls 13 Years Championship
Frank & Bobbie O’Brien Memorial Trophy and the ME & FM Fahey Memorial Tiara
1st 29 Alexandra Vujevic Maher
2nd 7 Saskia Mulligan Creer
3rd 19 Mikayla White Halloran
4th 11 Roisin Hayes FGMA
5th 9 Kahli Gilchrist Sydney Acad
6th 27 Grace Reid Halloran
7th 31 Ruth Taylor Dwyer Whelan
8th 24 Niamh Marsden Champion
9th 26 Leila McNamara Walton
10th 23 Natahni Lonergan FGMA
11th 30 Lucy Hopkins Cox
12th 25 Noirin Finnegan Reilly
13th 21 Lucy McLaughlin McBrearty
14th 32 Caitlyn Minney Creer
15th 5 Camilla Kelgren Ryan
16th 13 Jemima Barwick Spreagadh na Rince
17th 8 Teagan McDonnell McBrearty
18th 16 Eva Matthews Gra Na Rince
19th 17 Shannyn Merchant Wollongong
20th 15 Breanne Greer FGMA
21st 6 Niamh McHale Cox
AA 12 Katie Walsh Reilly
AA 1 Sammy Cadman Creer
AA 2 Bridget McCormack Bird
AA 22 Kaitlin Weeks Maher

Intermediate Boys 14 Years Championship
The Hanrahan Family Perpetual Trophy

1st 1 Will Limbrey Carroll
2nd 2 Elliot Sutton McBrearty

Intermediate Girls 14 Years Championship
The AIDA Irish Musicians Club Trophy and the Fogarty Family Tiara

1st 3 Christina O’Connor Dwyer Whelan
2nd 8 Kyra Atherton McBrearty
3rd 7 Danae Moore FGMA
4th 2 Molly Kingham Convey Walton
5th 4 Rachel Vella Maher
6th 13 Holly Cividin Reilly
7th 14 Madeline Osbon McBrearty
8th 15 Leanne Rood Le Nor
9th 16 Brodie Bilotta Halloran
10th 5 Laura Jelovic Currie Henderson
AA 9 Frances Juriansz Currie Henderson
AA 10 Amie Farrell Maher
AA 6 Mackenzie Lawler Reilly
AA 1 Elizabeth Tax Wollongong
AA 11 Sheridan Munro Spreagadh na Rince