Sunday 24 November 2013

Welcome to Sunday at the Tasmanian Festival of Dancing

Another "soft" day greets us in Hobart, but today has added wind to make it a little more interesting.  However, inside the auditorium it is warm and calm; it should remain warm during the day but, as today is 12 Years & Under, ChaosCentral ventures the opinion that the state of calm is subject to change without notice!

The place is buzzing with activity, the younger teas are getting ready, dancers are warming up and running around everywhere and there is a general state of excitement in the air.

Today we have our second adjudicator on duty, Mrs Allison Teese, A.D.C.R.G. (Vic) and along with the Australian Patron of Irish Dancing, Mrs Jan Currie-Henderson, S.D.C.R.G. (NSW), we are in for a long but enjoyable day of competition.  And for those who looked at LiveCommentary yesterday, some of the prizes for today's age groups look spectacular :)