Friday 22 November 2013

Tasmanian Festival of Irish Dancing - the journey begins!

ChaosCentral and a select band of dancers from Sydney boarded a late-running JetStar flight (is there any other type with JetStar?) and headed into the deep, deep south for the Tasmanian Festival.

The attached photos show the jolly band of dancers, completely enjoying the hospitality of the airline.  There is no gourmet food report because….it was JetStar :(

The flight was enjoyed by most of the dancers, but by the time the compeition starts tomorrow, bad flight memories will be distant ones.

So, ChaosCentral is about to hit the town, having imposed on the hospitality of friends for long enough.  LiveCam and LiveCommentary should be online by 0830 tomorrow, so tune in and enjoy the atmosphere. Next year, consider coming down for one of the friendliest competitions around :)
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