Saturday 9 March 2013

Gourmet food update

We can report that the canteen's toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and their hot dogs are excellent.  Along with the pod coffees in the morning, it keeps one going quite nicely.  Unfortunately, not a single chocolate crackle has been sighted, but their close runner up, red liquorice, is on sale and is a tasty treat!

The feis is now powering along, the music is belting out so strongly that the bass notes, vibrating the speaker over the marking station, is causing both delight and worry.  Delight to ChaosCentral who is far enough away, should it drop, to photograph the carnage but remain unaffected.  Worry to the Heggies who, as operators of the marking table, are immediately under the potential source of entertainment.

LiveCam seems to be operating successfully as the internet is still stable.  Unfortunately, only three people are watching, and one of those is me!