Saturday, 9 March 2013

Feis update

It is extremely difficult to provide an ongoing commentary as the Telstra signal just keeps vanishing - no idea why, perhaps it is playing hide and seek in some sort of perverse digital game?

The 13 & 14 Years are almost finished their dancing for the day - results are scheduled for 1100 and at this rate, we should be on time.  Please note that there will *not* be any LiveCam - see notes in paragraph above.

So, not a great technological start to the year and it may continue this way.  As you may have seen on, there is no longer any sponsorship for the LiveCam or LiveCommentary communications, so it is running purely through my own devices.  Given that data usage is about 7.5Gb/day, it is unlikely that I will continue to provide full coverage as it will be too expensive...

Just announced, dancers competing at the World Championships have been invited to take to the stage to practice in front of the adjudicators, without being marked.