Sunday 7 October 2012

There's something about NZ.....

Specifically, the internet....

So, have tried uploading close to 500Mb onto the website, and although the uploading is apparently successful as far as this end is concerned, the server has mainly empty files.  Close inspection of log files over the last couple of nights shows no operating/file system errors.

More detailed reading of the inter-webby thing suggests the problems are related to the actual method of connection, specifically the TelecomNZ internet point of presence and/or its network characteristics.  Exactly the same methods of uploading was used every day at the Australian that part is known to work.  The only thing that has changed is that we are using TelecomNZ, which seems to do something to the network traffic that is causing the problem.

So, unless we get to Massey University this afternoon, it is Monday lunchtime for all the photos....sorry :(

At least ChaosCentral knows the cause and possible solution to the problem.