Saturday 6 October 2012

Feis update

There is a buzz in the auditorium.

It could be the bees that are venturing out once again as the weather has improved from rain and wind, to occasional sun and warm-ish, or it could be that there are only a few solo sections to go and the place is filling with teams.

Wigs, hairpins, spray - haven't seen any nail guns or hot-glue guns, frocks of all shapes and colours.  The ceili dancing is about to hit the competition and all is well.

The vendors should be doing a roaring trade in spare-parts for Irish Dancing as there is always a shortage of bits.  ChaosCentral is always surprised by how few vendors stock spare rolls of gaffer tape, also known as 100mph tape (something from ChaosCentral's youth) as this is an essential item in any feis bag, along with earplugs and tranquilisers.

File copying is almost complete and by the time dancing starts, all the Friday photos should be online and ready for your viewing pleasure....although it may be slow :)