Saturday 16 June 2012

8, 9 & 10 Years Open Championship dancers called to marshalling

Dancers have been competing in various warm-up rounds but have now been called into marshalling for their Championship dances.

The auditorium is very large but, at the moment, has very few people in it.  This will probably change once the next age groups start arriving and we have a cross-over of parents and dancers.

Gourmet food update
The wonderful collection of sweets provided by Jen Oxenham-Devlin are being purloined by assorted teaches and Julia Baar.  They have been hidden to protect them!

There is a bar located on the same floor as the feis, it has the facility to provide food and cappuccino.  It is doing neither as the Club Management apparently feel there is no need to do so yet, perhaps they will open it later?  In the interim, ChaosCentral is still hanging out for the first coffee of the day.

Feis update
The dancers are doing their championship steps three at a time on stage.