Sunday 24 June 2012

Welcome to Sunday at the Hills Feis

Another sparkling Sydney winter Sunday, very cool but sunny and breeze free.  As people file into the hall, the last of the ice is melting and the light frost still evident on the chairs and tables will probably be a welcome scene to Canberra participants.

The canteen is ready with chocolate crackles, hot soup and hot dogs (grammatical question: for the last food item, to hyphenate or not;  will the RSPCA become worried?)  and much more fine food.  The floor is being laid, the lights just went out in the hall (really!) and we are ready to go.

Today's dancing schedule is:

  • 1330-1530 - 7 & 8 Years
  • 1530-1730 - 9 & 10 Years
  • 1730-1945 - 14, 15 and 16 Years
So, a great day's competition ahead, rug up and enjoy yourselves!