Sunday, 25 July 2010

Welcome to the Claddagh Feis on Sunday

A very brisk morning in Sydney. this means positively sultry compared to Canberra or Melbourne, where one needs to chip the ice from the windscreen on mornings like this :)  The BBQ has been fired up and bacon & egg rolls should be available from about now, the cappuccino cart is popen and doing a great trade, and in general, we are ready to roll.

LiveCam is online but without audio until marshalling starts, which should be within the next ten minutes.

Please stand by for an important post about LiveCam advertisements

Today's dancing timetable is as follows:

0900 9 & 10 Years
1200 Results and lunch
1230 13 & 14 Years
1600 Results
1630 15 & 16 Years
1900 Results

The adjudicators are Vicki Paulin ADCRG (VIC) and Raymond Ayres ADCRG (VIC).