Saturday 6 March 2010

Still dancing the 9 & 10 Years Graded

There are 26 sections in these age groups and they are now dancing section 20. That will be followed by the Premiership.

There are 18 dancers competing in the 9 Years Premiership and 11 dancers competing in the 10 Years Premiership.

Weather report: murky, drizzly and depressing. Outside is similar.

The competition is being held in the smaller hall at Bankstown Town Hall, in the larger hall is an Indian Community function, so there is an interesting cultural juxtaposition. Just imagine for a moment, Bollywood production, staging, choreography using Irish Dancers in their dresses - fabulous!

Gourmet food report: NIL. This is Bankstown Town Hall, instant coffee, tea bags and the mass-market canteen food and you can't bring in your own food or drinks. So unless there is a Berlin Airlift style operation for gourmet food, your correspondent probably won't mention it again - much - but where are the chocolate crackles????