Saturday 6 March 2010

Good morning and welcome to 2010!

After a summer hibernation, we are back on air - and with a sponsor and new toys!!

Exetel has proudly offered to sponsor the wireless connection used by this site and we thank them for their generosity and support. The service today is now online due to their provision of a wireless network card and a fantastic monthly usage quota. May I recommend that you look at their service offerings and see how they can help you? For a wider view, have a look at where you can see that they rate amongst the best for price and speed.

Want to see presentations live online? Go to and, subject to the feis organisers agreeing, you can watch presentations and, from time to time, marshalling or dancers as they drop by Live Commentary Central to say hi!

And we are now at the NSW AIDA Graded and St Patrick's Day Premiership...more details soon.