Saturday 13 June 2009

Winner of the 8 years Open Championship is Isabelle Beddoes from Scoil Ard Rince, Queensland.

1st. Isabelle Beddoes - SAR QLD
2nd. Anika-Jovi McCarthy - Kick QLD
3rd. Greer Hutchinson - SAR QLD
4th. Caitlin Brander - Cosgriff VIC
5th. Victoria Robbins - Walker QLD
6th. Madison Yung - Hearn QLD
7th. Ciara Neiland - SRCC QLD
8th. Bridget McKenna - SAR QLD
9th. Ciara Maney - McAleer VIC
10th. Grace Sinclair - Walker QLD
11th. Ellie Waters - Walker QLD
12th. Aelish Kelly - McAleer VIC