Sunday 17 July 2016

Camden Country Feis Results - Morning

Intermediate/Open Premiership 11 Years - The James McClafferty Trophy
1st Brooke MacKenzie Cox
2nd Chloe Dyde FGMA
3rd Tara O'Connell Reilly
4th Leah Kingham-Convey Walton
5th Caitlin Finnegan Reilly
6th Liam McClafferty Carey
7th Ruby McGavock Gregory
8th Sophie Dart McBrearty
AA Guinevere Fisher Halloran
AA Amoretta Rourke Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Breana O'Toole Gregory
AA Maddison Paine Halloran
AA Olivia Abraham Gregory
AA Kristy Walsh Spreagadh Na Rince
Intermediate/Open Premiership 12 Years - The Royal Hotel Camden Perpetual Trophy
1st Alana Curran-Jones Halloran
2nd Ashleigh Kelly FGMA
3rd Georgie Purcell Maher
4th Liam McWeeney Walton
5th Connie Sutton McBrearty
6th Erin Stinten Maher`
7th Ellie Stoubidis FGMA
8th Erin Browne Halloran
AA Grace Stevens Sydney
AA Michelle Hamilton Creer
AA Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir
AA Genevieve Wade Gregory
AA Aimee Barker Tir an Oir
Primary/Elementary Premiership 16+ Years
1st Hayden Moon Spreagadh Na Rince
2nd Daniel Buckley Carey
Elementary 7 Yrs & Under
1st Penelope Armbruster Claddagh
2nd Cassidy Grima Sydney
3rd Isibeal Abbey Carey
4th Cara Mirco  FGMA
5th Olivia Higgins Higgins
AA April Rose Hockley  Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Elodie Wade Gregory
Elementary 8 Yrs 
1st Kyle Faber Carey
2nd Destiny Juul McBrearty
3rd Milla Costin Higgins
4th Olivia Agastino Carey
=5th Isla Lucchitti Wollongong
=5th Tahlia Kay Simpson
AA Olivia Hayes Halloran
AA Gracie Saunders  Maher
Elementary 9 & 10 Yrs 
1st Cameron Purcell Maher
2nd William Rothfield Sydney
3rd Jemma Riordan Halloran
=4th Jessica O'Meara Higgins
=4th Isabelle Laxton-Miles Halloran
AA Molly Ballantine FGMA
AA Lachlan Hockley Spreagadh Na Rince
Elementary 11 Yrs +
1st Danielle Fairall Halloran
2nd Laila Grace McBride Higgins
3rd Genevieve Wade Gregory
4th Katie Walsh Reilly
5th Niamh McHale Cox
6th Natalie Bebek Tir an Oir
AA Ruby Fitzgerald McGrath
AA Isaac Fletcher Walton
AA Ethan Costellor Creer
Primary Premiership 9 & 10 Yrs
1st Noah Bilotta Halloran
2nd Jaiden Smith McGrath
3rd Siobhan Daly Carey
4th Elsie Wilson Higgins
5th Holly Chenhall Claddagh
AA Alina Qureshi Higgins
AA Cathal Gorman Carey
Primary Premiership 7 & 8 Yrs
1st Amelia Chenhall Claddagh
2nd Paudie Daly Carey
3rd Cinta Devlin McGrath
4th Imagin Smith McGrath
Primary Premiership 5 & 6 Yrs
1st Neala Chaston Wollongong
2nd Roisin O'Connell Reilly
3rd Molly Van Der Weegen Claddagh
4th Elodie Wade Gregory
5th Kiera Rothfield Sydney
4 Yrs & Under 
1st Emma O'Brien Halloran
2nd Adalynn Cusack Higgins
=3rd Daina Carey Carey
=3rd Heidi Eastman Higgins
AA Ruby Masters Higgins
AA Amelia Russo Higgins
Beginners Premiership 9 & 10 Yrs
1st Jaiden Smith McGrath
2nd Siobhan Daly Carey
3rd Cathal Gorman Carey
4th Noah MacKechnie Carey
Beginners Premiership 7 & 8 Yrs
1st Logan Hedges Bird
2nd Ana Maria Costea Halloran
3rd Gemma Patterson Higgins
4th Ellie Eastman Higgins
5th Paudie Daly Carey
6th Cinta Devlin McGrath
AA Imagin Smith McGrath
AA Aisling Kennedy Sydney
AA Chanel Zammit Higgins
AA Amelie Simpson FGMA
Beginners Premiership 6 & Under
1st Kate Gorman Carey
2nd Aoibhe Carty Blackbird
3rd Lily O'Donovan Halloran
4th Piper Hough Halloran
5th Indigo Hawkins Halloran
6th Siobhan McKervey Maher
7th Riley Powell Cox
AA Hannah Van Reyk Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Ailie McDonagh Halloran
AA Leah Simpson Spreagadh Na Rince
AA Amelia Lyke Walton
AA Aiveen Taylor Carey