Saturday 17 May 2014

Welcome to the NSW AIDA Graded Competition and Reserve Premiership

A fabulous autumn morning greets us at the Pacific Hills Christian School, a new venue for Irish Dancing in Sydney.  And what a venue!!  Large stage in a large, modern hall; plenty of seating at floor level and also upstairs gallery seating for around 300 people, plenty of parking and....a canteen with all sorts of gourmet treats - expect a more detailed report later :)

Our adjudicators for this feis are:

  • Sean Kelliher ADCRG (QLD) and
  • Christine Portbury SDCRG (VIC)
And our music is by computer!

The timetable for this weekend is as follows:

SATURDAY 17th May 2014
Doors open at 8.00am
9.00am7 & 8 years Graded
11.00am7 & 8 years Premierships
12.15pmResults & lunch
12.45pm19 years & over Graded , 6 years & under Graded
2.30pm19 years & over Premierships, 6 years & under Premiership
3.45pm9 &10 years Graded
5.30pm9 & 10 years Premierships

SUNDAY 18th May 2014
Doors open at 7.30am
8.30am11 & 12 years Graded
10.30am11 & 12 years  Premierships
11.30amResults & lunch
12.0013 & 14 years Graded
1.00pm13 & 14 years Premierships
2.30pm15 & 16 years Graded
3.30pm15 & 16 years Premierships
5.00pm17 & 18 years Graded & Premierships