Saturday 27 July 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Tir an Oir Feis

What a beautiful day in Canberra for a feis!!  It is cool but crisp, a cloudless sky greets us and the temperature makes it a pleasure to be indoors.

ChaosCentral motored down from Sydney this morning, bringing with it a rag-tag collection of dancers and drinkers from SA and NSW.  All part of the taxi service and, as an extra community service, they were treated to an educational rendering of both Puckoon AND the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on mp3 :)

The feis will soon be underway, with Mary McElroy ADCRG Ireland, and music by iDevice.

The weekend timetable is:
Saturday 27th July
2pm 13 & over Intermediate, 13 & 14 Open
4pm 15 & over Open

Sunday 28th July
8.30am 8 & under Beginners & Primary
10am 8 & under Intermediate & Open
12noon 9 & 10 Intermediate & Open
2.30pm 9 & over Beginners & Primary
3.30pm 11 & 12 Intermediate & Open

And the first dancers are about to go on stage...