Saturday 27 July 2013

Trophy information

Open Premierships
19 years & over     The Stephen Pearce Memorial Cup
18 years & under     Trophy donated by the Cunich Family
16 years& under     The Petelczyc Family Trophy
14 years & under     The Parker Family Trophy
13 years Trophy donated by Mary McElroy
12 years Trophy donated by the Byrne Family
11 years & under     The Solomon Family Trophy
10 years Shandon Trophy donated by the Petelczyc Family
9 years Erin’s Hope Trophy donated by Siobhan ni Fhaolain
8 years & under The Bremer Family Trophy

Intermediate Premierships
Senior Girls Trophy donated by Maryanne McManus
14 years & under     The Sullivan Family Trophy
12 years         The Greg Grocott Memorial Trophy
11 years         Trophy donated by Sarah Sullivan
10 years & under      The Leolyn Trophy donated by the Little Family
9 years         The Moriarty Trophy donated by Kathryn Trenholme
8 years          The Saunders Family Trophy
7 years & under        The Roden Family Cup