Sunday 1 July 2012

Welcome to Sunday at the Christchurch Competitions Society Feis

A vey crisp morning (code for freezing!) greets us in Christchurch today, following a cold and clear night - no snow this year!  ChaosCentral spent a wonderful night at the Rugby, courtesy of Mike Dilger, to watch the Canterbury Crusaders fight the good fight against the Hurricanes, ultimately just falling short by one point.  And it was cold - how cold I hear you ask?  People were taking along drinks in cooler bags - to keep them warm and stop them from freezing :)

The competition today will start around 0930, a very civilised time for a Sunday and will culminate in one of the highlights of the competition - the Contemporary Items section.  In this part of the competition, individuals and groups interpret Irish Dance in contemporary forms, leading to some quite interesting combinations and outcomes.  The adjudicator will have an interesting challenge!

Todays dancing schedule should be as follows:

0930 12 and Under 14 years
         14 and under 16 years
         Traditional Set dance Under 13 years
1300 Under 9 years teams
         9 and under 13 years teams
         Contemporary items

As usual, stay tuned for irregular gourmet food and dancing updates and watch LiveCam which, in NZ, is performing flawlessly and at a good resolution as we are not using the crappy Australian Optus network!