Saturday 28 July 2012

Photography update

As CLRG announced a change to the photography rules earlier this years, Beginner and Primary dancers may now be photographed and videoed whilst dancing.  This has brought out the paparazzi in many parents (in a good way) and today is a fine example.

The organisers have provided five seats at the front of the audience for parents to photograph/video their own children.  Once their child has danced, they vacate the seats for the next group of interested parents.  Additionally, parents are doing this from the side of the audience, without causing any interference.

And some of the equipment being used puts ChaosCentral to shame!!  We think that, at the end of this year, it may be time to retire as there are plenty of parents with excellent cameras taking great photos and posting them using social media.  ChaosCentral's role may be over - at last :)

PS still no sign of chocolate crackles!