Saturday 14 July 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Fisher's Ghost Feis

A delayed welcome to the feis.  It is a cool but clear day on the outskirts of Sydney, at St Gregory's College, in a large but cool sports auditorium.  This feis is run the the Campbelltown Irish Association and is one of the few that are not run and organised by AIDA.  The Walton School and Jan Berne are the AIDA sponsors of the feis.

The feis timetable is expected to be as follows:
Saturday 14th July 2012
9am - 7years & 8 years 
11.30am - 6 years and under 
1.30pm - 9 years & 10years 
3.30pm - 17 years and over 
Estimated finish time 6.30pm

Sunday 15th July 2012
9am - 13 years & 14 years 
11.30am - 15 years & 16 years 
2.30pm - 11 years & 12 years
Estimated finish time 6pm

Our adjudicator is Eileen Mulcahy ADCRG (VIC) and music is by computer :)