Saturday 21 July 2012

Another feis update

The 9 & 10 Years Premiership hard shoe dancers are on stage, shortly the soft shoe dancers ill be called to marshalling.

Just near ChoasCentral, a birthday boy is surrounded by presents and non-dancing friends, having an interesting day out :)  The scrutineering and marshalling sections have been co-opted into electronic present assembly - truly a multi-talented group of individuals!

The adjudicators look warm and comfortable, special chairs were brought in specifically for their comfort.  ChaosCentral is precariously balanced on a plastic school chair, close to the yawning precipice in the floor, which was the subject of an earlier photo.

Recently arrived at the feis is the Patron of Australian Irish Dancing, Mrs Janice Currie-Henderson, along with her sister and sons.  Rugged up warmly, they are also enjoying some excellent dancing.

The soft shoe rounds are about to start, followed by results and presentations.