Thursday 29 September 2011

Gourmet food update

Its lunchtime at the Nationals, and the halls are empty as people search for interesting and well-priced food.  Having taken a quick look at the venue, most are voting with their feet and seeking vendors across the road, where the food ranges from asian to middle-eastern to american (think burgers....).  So, an international cuisine is to be had at reasonable prices, but not within the venue.

The highlights of the food at the venue are......

OK.  ChaosCentral was always advised that if one hasn't anything nice to say about something, then one should say nothing at all - so that's all for the food highlights at the venue.  There are, but then they have several active bars that are well patronised during opening hours, but we are reliably informed that they are poorly stocked.  Could it be that they weren't expecting such a thirsty crowd?