Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday is finished at the Nationals

Another day's wonderful dancing and at ChaosCentral, we are all excited and nervous for Super Saturday, when interests close to home come under Irish Dancing scrutiny!

A big thank you to people without whom today's LiveCommentary and IDTV wouldn't have worked.

  • Aisling O'Brien who provided insightful comments as the day wore on....and on....and on....;
  • Jacqui Schweiwe who was IDTV's guest presenter, marks enterer and general all round helper;
  • Sinead Watkins, who stepped in to say hello and had a camera thrust into her hand with the command "go forth and get VoxPops" - which she did;
  • and Theapatra Ross, who decided that today was the day to learn how to do competition photography and therefore pestered everyone just like ChaosCentral usually does.  She also sourced panadol and coffee to assist in the smooth (?) running of ChaosCentral.
AND, or course the official purveyors of chocolate crackles and fire water, mentioned earlier today :)

Photos and IDTV interviews will be available later.....