Sunday 28 August 2011

Welcome to Sunday at the Southern Cross Feis

A beautiful spring morning in Sydney, even though it is technically the last week of winter!  Outside is developing into a warm and sunny day, inside is developing into some wonderful dancing, starting with the Beginner, Primary and Elementary sections for 6, 7, 8 & 9 Years.

These are some of the youngest competitors, just starting their dancing careers.  The Penrith Gaels Club is packed full of proud parents and families, all here to watch the "little faeries" as Miss Jan calls the youngest dancers.  The room is absolutely quiet as they dance, with everyone's attention focused on the tiny figures on stage, dwarfed by the Southern Cross sign behind them.  Once they finish their step, there is loud applause from all the hall and the dancers leave the stage beaming!

After these sections dance, the 11 & 12 Years will compete, followed by the teams sections.

  • In the 11 Years Girls Premiership, six dancers are competing for the Hall-Struthers Perpetual Trophy.
  • In the 11 & 12 Years Boys Premiership, two dancers are competing for the henderson Belt.
  • In the 12 Years Girls Premiership, six dancers are competing for the Henderson Family Trophy.
After lunch, teams will dance.