Saturday 19 March 2011

Feis update

The sections are progressing nicely, and generally in the order of the program. We appear to be on time and so there should be another set of presentations, which ChaosCentral can't put up - yet.

The reason for this is as follows:
  • adjudicator gives marks to tabulators
  • they enter it into a spreadsheet
  • spreadsheet is printed and given to announcer
  • announcer is the only person who knows how many get a "place" in the section, and how many are "highly commended"
  • ChaosCentral is busy photographing and can't also write the details at the same time (note to self, must do better)
  • if ChaosCentral was given the spreadsheet, there is no way to determine if a section had 1st, 2nd, 3rd, HC, HC, HC, or just 1st and five HC; getting this wrong would result in an international incident
So, until someone gives ChaosCentral a marked-up set of results, they can't be posted here.