Saturday 10 August 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Fleadh Cheoil Feis

An Antarctic-like day greets us in Sydney for the first day of competition.  Whilst not actually snowing at the venue in Wests Leagues Club at Lumeah, it is snowing to the south in Goulburn and to the west in the Blue Mountains, and the wind chill from the snow makes it cold outside.

Why not come inside to enjoy the warmth and an Irish Dancing competition?

ChaosCentral is a little late this morning, having been distracted by other activities, so on with the main show :)

This weekend's competition is adjudicated by:
Liam Ayres ADCRG (VIC)
And as a bonus, on her L Plates for adjudicating, is:
Jennifer Bird TCRG
The L Plates are on the back, so not visible in the photos - and what a fine pair they make :)

Our schedule for the weekend is:


  • 0930 All 9 & 10 Years
  • 1115 Results and lunch
  • 1215 All 11-14 Years
  • 1500 Lunch
  • 0900 8 Years & Under Novice, Beginner, Primary and Elementary
  • 1215 Results and lunch
  • 1315 8 Years & Under Intermediate/Open, All 15 Years & Over
  • 1530 Results
And remember to be here early, there is plenty of parking and sections may start 30 minutes earlier than the published times.