Saturday 29 June 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Camden Country Feis

Welcome to the 2019 Camden Country Feis!

We are greeted by a stunning Sydney winter's day, crips and cool and, if travelling early, very foggy!  ChaosCentral had the high-speed Labrador running in front of the car whilst commuting from the far north down the M2/M7, but it has now cleared to a lovely day.

We are at the Camden Civic Centre which will also be the location of the NSW State Championships.  Perfectly located opposite a large Woolworths store, plenty of parking and great food options, the feis should be an amazing weekend.

Our adjudicators are:
Fiona Holmes ADCRG (VIC)

Bronwyn Kelly ADCRG (TAS)

Charmayne Dulley ADCRG (VIC)

Our timetable this weekend is as follows:

10.00am 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs & 16yrs Inters/Open
1.15pm Results & Lunch
2.00pm 12yrs, 17-18 yrs & 19yrs+ Inter/Open
5.00pm Results

9.00am 9-11yrs Inters/Open
11.15am Results
11.30am 6yrs Mixed Champs, 7-8yrs Inters/Open & all ages Elementary
2.00pm Results & Lunch
2.30pm all ages Primary, Pre-School & beginner
4.30pm Results