Sunday 1 July 2018

Welcome to Sunday at Fleadh Cheoil

The hall is buzzing with excitement and the sound of hard shoe practice as we start the Sunday competition.

Many competitors have travelled up from Canberra and they have brought the weather with them - it is very cold in the hall and we have received reports of penguins lining up at the vendor stalls, trying to purchase scarves :)

To help everyone keep warm, the canteen is producing gourmet burgers, tea and coffee, Irish scones (we have no idea how they differ from regular scones, but intend to find out!), lasagne and all sorts of other delectable delights.

And apologies for the delay in getting yesterday's 15 & Over results online, we received the results a little later in the evening and by that time, we were distracted by other tasks.  That also means that yesterday's presentation photos are not yet on, but yesterday's and today's will be online later tonight.