Saturday 4 March 2017

Welcome to the 2017 AIDA Graded Competition & St Patrick's Day Premiership

What a rush for the new year!!!!

Welcome to the 2017 dancing year, a new year but many of the same faces...and ChaosCentral has to be on their best behaviour as the new TCRGs may be watching :)

Sydney has turned on some wonderful weather, after a summer of amazingly hot days, we enter autumn and our first feis of the year with a typical Irish summer heatwave weather...25C and raining!  But we are inside all weekend, so the outside weather is completely irrelevant.

As we are well underway, and ChaosCentral arrived late (slept in and got lost en route), the following information is a bit late, but still useful:

Our wonderful adjudicators are:

  • Charmaine Chase ADCRG (QLD); and
  • Eliabeth Howe ADCRG (SA).
Our digital musician is via e-Device.

We are enjoying the Blacktown RSL, which has plenty of parking and they have hot and cold food available inside the hall.  The cold food includes healthy salads!!!  The practice area is a strip of tarkett near the marshalling area, the remainder of the floor is RSL carpet...and this has caused a small problem.

Dancers are strongly advised NOT to practice on the carpet.  A few dancers have slipped on stage as their shoes have picked up oils and residue from the carpet, so remember to only use the practise flooring.

Also new this weekend, ChaosCentral is experimenting using Facebook Live for LiveCam.  Go to Facebook, find and follow MediaImages and let us know what you think about the FacebookLive version.

This weekend we will only stream the presentations as the Facebook option is still in the experimental phase...