Sunday 17 May 2015

Welcome to Sunday at the AIDA Graded & Reserve Premiership

My goodness, but it is chilly in here today.  The school hall is thoughtfully equipped with airconditioning that appears to be a) not operating and b) for cooling only.  So, bring your winter woollies if you are coming to the early or late sessions :)

Of course, one could avail oneself of the fantastic hot food provided by today's canteen; sausages, bacon and egg sandwiches, hot coffee....chocolate crackles not yet sighted.  Still, plenty of great food to get the internal fires working.

The 7 & 8 Years are now on stage, the hall is absolutely jam packed and the car park...never thought that there sere so many under-aged drivers around.  There was no parking left at all, whereas yesterday morning, for the age groups that can legally drive, the car park was only 50% full.  Clearly we need further investigation :)

Here are some photos of the canteen chefs and some Juniors marshalling earlier...