Sunday 8 September 2013

Welcome to the 2013 NSW State Ceili competition

After a fantastically warm spring day yesterday, today is more subdued, with low cloud and much cooler weather.  We are at the Bankstown Sports Club, the scene of many previous Irish Dancing competitions and a venue with plenty of seating, easy access to good food and parking.

We are scheduled to start at 0900, but as we write, the adjudicator's platform is still being prepared and dancers are still getting ready.

Our adjudicators are:

  • Gabrielle Hall ADCRG (VIC)
  • Vicki Paulin ADCRG (VIC)
  • Cherie Hearn ADCRG (QLD)
Also in attendance is the Patron if the Australian Irish Dancing Association, Mrs Janice Currie-Henderson ADCRG.

Our dancing schedule is very simple today:
  • 0900 Under 19 & Open
  • 1045 Under 16
  • 1315 Under 13
  • 1500 Under 9 & Under 11
Presentations will take place during the section breaks.  There is no LiveCam today, but results and photos will be posted as soon as possible.