Saturday 3 August 2013

Feis update

Well, the 9 & 10 Years are now into their hard shoe round.  And we hope that they are keeping warm, because it is very cold in the hall.  "How cold?" we hear you ask; cold enough so that Melbourne visitors re walking around rugged up for a night at the AFL and saying that it is cold :)  And a brisk wind has sprung-up outside too.

The brisk wind has, of course, mediated this morning's earlier problem of being unable to see the dancers on stage because of smoke from the enthusiastic BBQ crew.  Although the food is, from all reports, excellent and hot, the smoke generated from the bacon & egg roll department penetrated the whole hall, practice area and almost had the Rural Fire Service called out.  But we stress that the food is excellent!

And back to feis-related news, the dancers are now on stage doing their soft shoe round and we expect presentations to be around 1130...