Saturday 17 August 2013

Another feis update

The 15 & 16 Years are dancing along nicely, with the soft shoe round about to start.

Gourmet Food update
There is plenty of food and drink available, both inside and outside the venue.  People are welcome to bring in food that they have purchased elsewhere...but there is a bar open and we have seen several well know Irish faces trying out local brews, probably for quality and consistency purposes only :)

Technology update
The joys of stable high-speed 4G connectivity!  Everything is working well, three Macs and two Canon DSLRs are in use to do the following:

  • Photograph presentations and things we see...
  • Run LiveCam and LiveCommentary
  • Run the Powerpoint presentation
  • Edit and post photos to as soon as we can
  • Film set dances for teachers
  • Back up all photos and video to two external disks in real-time via Thunderbolt
  • Just have fun :)