Saturday 28 April 2012

Feis update

The 8 Years & Under are now on stage and having a great time.  Some of the dancers are just 4 years old, so the adjudicator and organisers keep asking for quiet so that the dancers can get a fair go.

Technology Update
LiveCam is being plagued by dropouts - having just replaced all the network equipment, the only piece left in the puzzle is the crappy OPTUS network.  I am now running one Mac on a Telstra link to stream the video, and the other Mac on an OPTUS link to do feis updates etc.  The two 3G devices are sitting beside each other, both show full strength, the OPTUS link keeps stalling and dropping connection.  I have replaced the hardware and the SIM, therefor the fault lies with the OPTUS network.  On the basis of two years experience trying to bring LiveCam to you, I would strongly recommend AGAINST going anywhere near OPTUS for data network requirements over 3G.

Should an OPTUS engineer wish to contact me and sort this out, I would be very happy to hear from them :)