Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday draws to a close....

The final solos have been competed and won, and Sunday is teams day, ceili day and rest and relax day - but not for ChaosCentral who will continue to provide a somewhat erratic service until the Nationals After-Party (also known as the ceili) is finished!

Once again, todays shambles wouldn't have come to you without the assistance of the following suspects:

  • Theapatra Ross, whose photography is improving by the day and is now allowed to play with real film - or at least to take really important photos, like the winners :)
  • Aisling O'Brien, whose insightful comments during the day will have kept you all in stitches, and certainly without her, none of you would have the results as she types them in as well as checking them....
  • Bianca Nicholls, who learned that being a presenter on IDTV is not as scary as it seems
  • And to Katie Smith, who did the final presentations of the day when Bianca Nicholls learned that being a presenter on IDTV was more scary than it seemed.
Later tonight the photos will be available as well as the interviews with the winning teams....stay tuned.