Thursday 30 September 2010

The 4 Hands are on stage

My goodness - they are moving their arms!!!!!

Of course, it is teams :) The younger age groups are dancing with great energy and in very colourful team costumes. The hall is very well populated and the musicians are clear as a bell.

For those not in attendance or who may have never attended a Nationals competition, the stage announcements are usually made by a select few teachers and senior members of the ID community. All have wonderfully modulated speaking voices and have been doing the announcements for as long as I can remember, and probably for many years before that.

The point is, one hears the same voices at every Nationals and, despite the changes of venues, dancers and dresses, the voices provide a wonderful continuity - like a thread that holds the tradition together in Australia.

Gourmet food update
Coffee from the cafe adjacent to the main arena is excellent and they are open from 0700 - if only coffee was available like that when we have other competitions! Sadly, after a brief scouting expedition, not a chocolate crackle was to be found.