Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Nationals has come alive!!

Welcome to Tuesday, the first day of competition. The Arena has come alive with vendors, parents and the sound of dancers practising. Even the canteen is operational with hot food and drinks - sadly, no cappuccinos but on a cool morning, anything hot is good.

There appears plenty of parking for the morning session, however when the changeover occurs during the middle of the day, it may be more difficult to find a parking spot. So, plan your trip and, if possible, take a taxi.

The dancing area is very large and the stage is well laid out - everyone will have a fantastic view. Today's dancers are the Sub Minor Boys and Girls 7 Years, the Minor Boys and Girls 9 Years, the Junior Boys and Girls 11 Years and the Junior Boys and Girls 12 Years.

Dancing starts at 0800 with the Sub Minors, followed by the Minors and Junior 11 Years - their results are expected around 1330. After lunch, the Junior 12 Years dance with their results expected around 2000.