Saturday, 25 July 2009


Open Premiership 16 and Under

1. Jeremy Heggie Walton
2. Zoe Thomson Simpson
3. Sophie Pariftt Simpson
4. Jessica Manuel Simpson
5. Rachael Larnach Maher
6. Sarah Jarret Tir an Oir
7. Natasha Rangachari Gregory
8. Rebecca Tedeschi Tir an Oir

Open Premiership 18 and Under

1. Laura Hannon Simpson
2. Lara Corkhill Simpson
3. Bridget Spokes Simpson
4. Johanna O'Brien NZ
5. Asher Larnach Maher
6. Caitlin Ironside Simpson
7. Claire Petelczyc Tir An Oir

The adj Mary McElroy has been beautiful with all the dancers today. Presenting all the trophies and speaking/advising each child as she presents them with their trophy.